Marketing, Media and PR


Creative Lab US is the right stop!

We offer a range of services, not only website development, but implementing a strategic marketing campaign to continue telling your brand story.

Marketing, media and PR are important in any business: from the website launch to the business that follows.

When it comes to a right marketing activity, communication with clients is the key of our success. Our mission here is to be a right hand for our clients, to be an anchor for them so they don’t have to they need any other services connected to run their business successfully.


  • Understanding the marketplace (customer needs and wants) 
  • Construct marketing plan/strategy that delivers superior value 
  • Building a profitable relationships and create customer joy 
  • Capturing value from customers to create profits



Search Engine Optimization

Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines, have just one primary purpose to search and show results of web pages and other content such as videos or local listings that search engine considers most relevant to users based on ranking

"Organic" or "natural" search is search where payment is not included, as it is with paid ads

Services we provide:

  • Page content
  • Website optimization
  • Content writing
  • Site links
  • Back links
  • Analysis
  • User behavior


Pay Per Click

Every search engine offers a simple way of advertising where advertisers bid the price per they're willing to pay for one click

PPC is one of the easiest way how to bring traffic to your website based on the keywords put in the system

PPC offers perfect targeting through used Keywords, age, financial situation, social behavior, interest etc.

Services we provide:

  • Keywords selection
  • Campaign management
  • Campaign setup
  • Reports


Retargeting uses cookies to track consumers

Have you ever wondered how it’s possible that you visited one website and you see the brand / product everywhere

It’s because the advertiser using the cookies what were into your phone to track you and served all the time and everywhere

Behavioral targeting can significantly increase your chances to bring your customers back after they leave your website with no action

Services we provide:

  • Campaign up
  • Campaign management
  • Creativity
  • Reports
  • Art work


This service allows businesses to track users on mobile devices, within specific locations, as well as target users who have been at a location the past 30 days and more

Proximity marketing communicating with customers at the right place, the right time and with highly relevant and personalized messages, on their smartphones

Once you gather customer information, they can easily be served with future ads

Services we provide:

  • Campaign up
  • Campaign management
  • Creativity
  • Reports



  • Marketing mix
  • SWOT analysis
  • Media mix
  • Marketing strategy
  • PR strategy
  • Market targeting
  • Budgeting
  • B2B campaigns
  • B2C campaigns
  • Google AdWords


Consulting and Supervising

Not all of our clients want us to do all for them, some of you want to just know what we think about their marketing activities and strategies. It’s always convenient to have an opinion from outside the company who is not fully involved and can provide you a relevant opinion.

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